Thursday, November 08, 2007


Here's a few pieces from one of my recent projects. Back at the end of July, I was hired by DAN FINNERTY of THE DAN BAND to create the cartoon illustrations for their new comedy Christmas music CD booklet. The booklet is called HO: A DAN BAND CHRISTMAS COLORING BOOK. There are 10 interior illustrations to be colored...each one representing a song on the CD. Each illustration is accompanied in the coloring book with the song's lyrics. The full-color coloring book cover is shown above with the coloring page art for the songs HO HO HO...CHRISTMAKWANZAKAH...GET DRUNK & MAKE OUT THIS CHRISTMAS and PLEASE DON'T BOMB NOBODY THIS HOLIDAY. I thought it would be fun to mimic Paul Coker, Jr.'s "Rankin/Bass" lettering style on the booklet's cover. Click here for THE DAN BAND's MySpace can order the CD, HO: A DAN BAND CHRISTMAS, from their MySpace page! You'll see a banner to click on to order. Order today! THE DAN BAND is currently on tour and appeared in the feature films STARSKY & HUTCH (with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson) and OLD SCHOOL (with Will Ferrell). THANK YOU to DAN FINNERTY for the assignment! Click on each image for a larger view. on my Ebay art auctions link in my LINKS section to see my listing for all of THE DAN BAND CHRISTMAS COLORING BOOK original art. Be sure to visit my official MySpace page by clicking on the link in my LINKS section, as well. You can e-mail me at . Thanks! -- Patrick Owsley

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