Friday, June 29, 2007


I thought I'd post my very first MR. MAGOO assignment. Back in 2003, my friend Robert Conte asked me to illustrate the cover to a MR. MAGOO "flip" comic book that he was publishing with Airwave Comics. The "flip" book featured two MAGOO stories and two covers. My cover was for a story commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers' first flight. The story was "a color-it-yourself adventure" written by Michael Eury with art by Gary Fields. The other cover is by Bill Morrison for the comic adaptation of the classic MR. MAGOO's CHRISTMAS CAROL. Click on the image to enlarge!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I highly recommend THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN DVD set from Warner Bros.! The 2-disc set was released yesterday. It's the 1966 CBS-TV Saturday morning series that was produced by Filmation. The action-packed series starred the voices of BUD COLLYER as SUPERMAN / CLARK KENT and JOAN ALEXANDER as LOIS LANE. JACKSON BECK was the Narrator and JIMMY OLSEN was voiced by JACK GRIMES. GRIMES was also the voice of SPARKY in the classic 1960s cartoon, SPEED RACER. If you haven't already, pick up the DVD set today! Above is the DVD cover art that I did for East West Entertainment of Brooklyn, NY. East West produced a few volumes of the public domain 1940s Fleischer SUPERMAN cartoons. As you can see, I used a CURT SWAN-style SUPERMAN, but altered the "S" chest emblem to look like that of the Fleischer SUPERMAN "S" emblem. Click on the image to enlarge. You can reach me at . Thanks! -- Patrick Owsley

Thursday, June 21, 2007


I was just going through my files and came across this piece. It's FELIX FLANKIN from the 1967 Rankin/Bass "animagic" feature film, MAD MONSTER PARTY. The film starred the voice talents of BORIS KARLOFF, PHYLLIS DILLER and ALAN SWIFT. I created the FELIX art with markers, colored pencils and brush & ink on coquille board. Click on FELIX to enlarge. Rankin/Bass produced the classic holiday TV specials RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER, FROSTY THE SNOWMAN, THE YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUS, SANTA CLAUS IS COMIN' TO TOWN, LITTLE DRUMMER BOY and many more! Take a look at Rick Goldschmidt's Rankin/Bass blog by clicking here. Rick is the official Rankin/Bass historian and author. His blog is everything Rankin/Bass. E-mail any questions or comments to me at . Thanks! -- Patrick Owsley

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Here's JUDY JETSON with her father, GEORGE JETSON! This was one of the many pieces I inked for the current JETSONS style guide. Legendary Hanna-Barbera designer IWAO TAKAMOTO pencilled the art. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

More LOONEY TUNES! - Part 2

Here's a few more pieces of LOONEY TUNES character art that I inked for Warner Bros. Consumer Products in Burbank. I believe this art was used for the LOONEY TUNES edition of the boardgame MONOPOLY. It's DAFFY DUCK, FOGHORN LEGHORN and PRISSY. Be sure to click on each image to enlarge.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Here's a few more pieces of LOONEY TUNES licensing art that I helped create at Warner Bros. Consumer Products. I did the inking on MARVIN THE MARTIAN, PETUNIA PIG and SPEEDY GONZALEZ. The colors on MARVIN and PETUNIA were done by one of the WBCP designers. PETUNIA PIG is a character that you really don't see anymore, but I thought it was neat that they wanted to create a PETUNIA piece for a style guide. I'm also posting an old newspaper advertisement for an ALL CARTOON FUN JAMBOREE at the "Comfortably Cool" RIALTO theatre. Treats for the children, too! I don't know what cartoons were shown that day, but perhaps most of them were LOONEY TUNES. I'm not sure how old this advertisement is or where this Rialto theatre was, but I thought you'd enjoy seeing it! I love the BUGS BUNNY head that was used in the ad!

Monday, June 11, 2007


Leslie and I had breakfast late yesterday morning at Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City. After breakfast, we ran into the great character actor and voice artist, CHUCK McCANN. Chuck was there with one of his dogs, Judy. We had actually stopped to admire his dog when I recognized Chuck. We talked for a few minutes and I mentioned that I still needed to pick up the newly-released COOL McCOOL DVD set from BCI Eclipse. As you know, Chuck did many voices for the 1960s cartoon series. Just then, Chuck asked us to keep an eye on his dog. He went to his car and returned with a brand-new COOL McCOOL DVD set for Leslie and I. What a great guy! Chuck graciously signed the DVD set for us. Chuck is featured in audio commentaries and interviews with Wally Wingert. Wally produced the DVD set and is also a talented voice artist (Family Guy). Chuck McCann has a really nice website and you can take a look at it here. He's still adding things, but it looks great so far! If you haven't already, be sure to pick up COOL McCOOL on DVD! Thanks, again, Chuck...Leslie and I hope to see you again at Sportsmen's Lodge!

Thursday, June 07, 2007


I was recently hired by packaging and branding firm Mark Oliver Inc. to create two character trademarks for health food manufacturer Food for Life. Gary Torres at Food for Life wanted a chicken and cow who were super-heroes. Gary named them CLUCKPHREY & MOOPHREY and after a few rounds of pencil concepts and revisions, here's what I came up with. I designed, pencilled, inked and did the color design for CLUCKPHREY and MOOPHREY. The computer colors were done by Jeff Victor. Jeff is a friend and talented illustrator who occasionally helps me with assignments. Be sure to check out Jeff's blog by clicking here! Click on the CLUCKPHREY and MOOPHREY images to enlarge. A big "thank you" to Mark Oliver at Mark Oliver Inc. and to Gary Torres at Food for Life for the work! Contact me at . Thanks! -- Patrick Owsley

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

SPUMCO COMIC BOOK hand-lettering!

I used to do a lot of lettering for comic books. Between the years of 1988 to about 1997, I hand-lettered comic books for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, First Comics and Disney Adventures magazine comic stories. I was on-staff at Malibu Comics as a Letterer from 1993 to 1996. In 1994, I was asked if I'd like to letter a SPUMCO COMIC BOOK story for John K. Being a fan of SPUMCO and John K., I naturally agreed. Over the next couple of years, I lettered about five SPUMCO COMIC BOOK stories for John. I'm posting two pages from two different stories that I hand-lettered. I believe the GEORGE LIQUOR fishing story was written by John K., pencilled by Jim Smith and inked by Shane Glines. The GEORGE LIQUOR / JIMMY THE IDIOT BOY barber story was written by John K., pencilled by Mike Fontanelli and inked by Shane Glines. It was such great fun to work on these comic stories! If you don't already own the four issues of SPUMCO COMIC BOOK, perhaps you can find them on Ebay. They are well-worth having! Great cartoon comic fun! Click on each page to enlarge.