Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Here's a few more pieces of LOONEY TUNES licensing art that I helped create at Warner Bros. Consumer Products. I did the inking on MARVIN THE MARTIAN, PETUNIA PIG and SPEEDY GONZALEZ. The colors on MARVIN and PETUNIA were done by one of the WBCP designers. PETUNIA PIG is a character that you really don't see anymore, but I thought it was neat that they wanted to create a PETUNIA piece for a style guide. I'm also posting an old newspaper advertisement for an ALL CARTOON FUN JAMBOREE at the "Comfortably Cool" RIALTO theatre. Treats for the children, too! I don't know what cartoons were shown that day, but perhaps most of them were LOONEY TUNES. I'm not sure how old this advertisement is or where this Rialto theatre was, but I thought you'd enjoy seeing it! I love the BUGS BUNNY head that was used in the ad!


Huitzilopochtli said...

Greetings Patrick.

I found your blogspot while googling images for Speedy Gonzalez. Nice. I'm working on an article that makes reference to Speedy and Mickey; do you think you can help me with an illustration to go with my piece?

Patrick Owsley said...

Sure...please e-mail me directly at Thanks!