Monday, June 15, 2009


If you haven't yet ordered these classic TV cartoon DVDs, I highly recommend that you do! Not only will you get terrific 1960s TV cartoon fun, but you'll also get my TENNESSEE TUXEDO and GO GO GOPHERS character art on the DVD inserts, discs and menus. Order them today!

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J C Roberts said...

That's what the cover art for DVDs of classic cartoons should look like! Modeling instead of airbrushing. To me it ends up looking as if they're practically apologizing for the way the actual show looks intead of supporting it. The designers on these shows knew what they were doing, and it's an insult to them to redesign their characters for the official release on DVD.

The painted look isn't inherently bad by any means, it's just a poor representation of the show and best left for venues outside of the actual show. Too bad you don't get to do all the Warner sets, they're usually way oof the mark.

I hadn't heard about these sets either, I'll have to hunt them down.