Friday, September 18, 2009


Here's an illustration I did in 2006 for a public domain DVD release of DODO THE KID FROM OUTER SPACE cartoons. The series was produced by HALAS AND BATCHELOR in 1965. Incidentally, JOSEPH E. LEVINE was involved in the production of DODO. LEVINE was the Executive Producer of Rankin/Bass' MAD MONSTER PARTY.

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Mr. On said...

Hi Patrick,

Yeah, saw this early Saturday morns on NYC's WNBC-TV Channel 4 affiliate, sandwiched together w/ "Col. Bleep" episodes (sigh).
followed by the DePatie/Freling "Super Six".

CBS-TV's "Lost In Space" even 'borrowed' the design of "Compy he Computer Bird" for Albert Salmi's character, "Capt'n Alonzo P. Tucker" a space-pirate who had a similar robo-parrot, in the January 26, 1966 episode, "The Sky-Pirate" (Eric Burdon asks, "How high can you fly?";)

Arrrrgh, me heartys!
(Me liverys, me spleenies- and kid you not -me kidneys...)

Keep 'em comin'!

Mr. On