Monday, October 19, 2009


ON SALE NOW! PRICED AT ONLY $150.00! This is NOT a print...this is ORIGINAL ART. This 16" x 20" original art features 58 HANNA-BARBERA TV STARS from 1958 through 1965...YOGI BEAR, BOO BOO, CINDY BEAR, HUCKLEBERRY HOUND, TOP CAT, BRAIN, FANCY FANCY, SPOOK, BENNY THE BALL, CHOO-CHOO, YIPPEE, YAPPEE, YAHOOEY, SNAGGLEPUSS, TOUCHE TURTLE, DUM-DUM, YAKKY DOODLE, CHOPPER, FIBBER FOX, QUICK DRAW McGRAW, BABA LOOEY, ASTRO, BANDIT, PA RUGG, MA RUGG, FLORAL RUGG, SHAG RUGG (THE HILLBILLY BEARS), LIPPY THE LION, HARDY HAR HAR, ATOM ANT, AUGIE DOGGIE, DOGGIE DADDY, PIXIE & DIXIE, MR. JINKS, RICOCHET RABBIT, DROOP-A-LONG, SECRET SQUIRREL, MOROCCO MOLE, MAGILLA GORILLA, SQUIDDLY DIDDLY, SNOOPER & BLABBER, PETER POTAMUS, SO-SO, PUNKIN' PUSS, MUSHMOUSE, LOOPY DeLOOP, BREEZLY & SNEEZLY, RUFF & REDDY, DINO, PRECIOUS PUPP, HOKEY WOLF & DING-A-LING, WALLY GATOR and ALFIE GATOR! I created this HANNA-BARBERA original art with pen & ink on bristol board. The classic HANNA-BARBERA logo is hand-lettered! The original art will ship rolled in a sturdy mailing tube via First Class Mail within the U.S. The $10 shipping cost covers shipping, handling and shipping materials. Shipping to outside of the U.S. is $15. Pay safely and securely through PAYPAL. E-mail me at for details!

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