Friday, January 08, 2010


I'm really enjoying this week's DVD release of SUPER FRIENDS. The DVD is Season 1-Volume 1 of the 1973 Hanna-Barbera production that featured SUPERMAN, BATMAN, ROBIN, AQUAMAN, WONDER WOMAN, MARVIN, WENDY and WONDER DOG. I loved this show when it premiered in September of 1973. I think this DVD collection of the first animated adventures of the SUPER FRIENDS legacy deserved much better packaging and special features from Warner Home Video. The DVD's packaging and discs feature character art that appears to be from a 1980s DC Comics style guide with some lame-looking SUPER FRIENDS logo. The show featured terrific character designs by the legendary ALEX TOTH and had a nicely designed logo...all of which are completely absent from the packaging. There really are no special features included on this 2-disc DVD set...only a SUPER FRIENDS TRIVIA CHALLENGE. I am enjoying watching the episodes. It brings back a lot of good memories! Above and below are my SUPER FRIENDS sketch cards, which are available to own. E-mail me at for details!

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