Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Sensational album cover illustrations by the legendary JACK DAVIS! Click on each image for a larger view. I saw these and more DAVIS album cover art at the HAIRY GREEN EYEBALL!


Tony DiStefano said...

To look at these beautful pieces of work chokes me up.They are so good and yet today you dont see anything like this.Not becouse artists today cant do it but becouse artists today are not hired to do it.Or its such a rush job it has to be slopped together in the computer and spit out.I know the computer is a very helpful tool but sometimes art must be done by artist with traditional tools.I think its the only way that the soul can kiss the paper.Jack Davis's soul kissed a great deal of paper.

Patrick Owsley said...

JACK DAVIS is the king of cartoon illustration, Tony!