Monday, November 15, 2010

Finally picked up the Moebius re-issued GIGANTIC FRANKENSTEIN All-Plastic Assembly Kit this past weekend! Thanks to Dave Levy at Big Kid Collectables in Sherman Oaks, CA for his help! Moebius has re-issued many of the great Aurora model kits of the 1960s. My brother had one of the Aurora "Big Frankie" models when we were kids, and I remember it well!


Tony DiStefano said...

I grew up in the sixties so I think you might appriciate this story.
My brother and I would get the Frankenstien model kits from (I think it was Aurora)with Frankenstein monster posed like the Glen strange frankenstien.I think he was walking on top of a grave with the tombstone behind him.So the both of us were like the stooges when it cme to being handy.So we would have to recruit our freind and neighbor bruce to put it together.Bruce who was a little older would painstankenly put the model together and then paint it. After a number of hours he would come to us with finished model in hand proud of his work.After the thank yous and hand shakes my brother and I would head to the clearing in the woods by our house and along with Bruces brother Bobby, the 3 of us proceded to pour lighter fluied on the model and light it a blaze as we hummed the music from Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstien watching this thing melt. WE did this a number of times with the mummy the wolfman and Dracula until Bruce finally cought on.And when he did he banged the three of our heads together like we were the 3 stooges. Somhow I would think todays mothers would find this story horrifing.But back then we had a lot of laughs and today we laugh at that memory.

Patrick Owsley said...

Very funny story, Tony...thanks for sharing!