Monday, February 21, 2011

It's great to see these coming to our supermarket shelves! Love the packaging on the classic Taco Flavor DORITOS! I loved these as a kid, and I remember my Mom bringing these home from the market. My friend, 1960s pop culture guru HAL LIFSON, gave me the heads-up about the return of Taco Flavor DORITOS..."Well after many years off the shelves the "original" Taco Flavored Doritos are back! They are even in throwback packaging from the early 70s, with the yellow and orange Doritos logo, not the cold, chromium unappealing logo that appears now on all the Doritos bags." Thanks, Hal! Love the classic DORITOS logo, too!


John Matthew Stater said...

Love those bags - we just bought a couple yesterday.

Scott J Baker said...

I'll have to look for these in our area (Western New York)!
I love the current trend of retro packaging and made sure I got all the recent Cap'n Crunch retro boxes.
Love your work Patrick, your blog is one of my regular stops!

Patrick Owsley said...

Thank you, Scott!

rodineisilveira said...


I recocgnize this Doritos package! It's from the 80s!
It shoulda have a taco-flavored Doritos here in Brazil.
Here in Brazil, Doritos had three flavors: natural, Nacho cheese and pizza. Nowadays, Doritos has three flavors here in Brazil: natural, Nacho cheese and sweet pepper.

phantasm777 said...

they stink, nmothing like the old ones. and the tacos after midnight they just discontinued was 10 times better