Tuesday, October 16, 2012


What a great time this past Saturday night at the Van Eaton Gallery in Sherman Oaks, CA for the MAD MONSTER PARTY Group Art Show and Book Signing!  My pal Rick Goldschmidt was on hand signing copies of his MAD MONSTER PARTY book.  Rick is the official Historian and Author for Rankin/Bass Productions.  It was a pleasure to be included in the art show with many talented and cool artists!

Leslie and I at the show!  8^)

Rick Goldschmidt and I at the book signing table.  I've known Rick since January of 1986.  Rick and I went to school together at Columbia College Chicago.  Be sure to pick up Rick's MAD MONSTER PARTY book, and his new ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS 15th Anniversary edition book coming on Thanksgiving Day 2012!  www.miserbros.com  8^)
It was nice being interviewed about my Mad Monster Party art!  8^)

Rick signing his book for a very happy fan!  8^)
Me, with artists Ness Head (middle) and Ben Von Strawn (right) goofing around!  Thanks for letting me post this pic,  Ness!  8^)
Great meeting artist Chris Mason (right) at the show.  Chris had a beautiful piece in the show.  Here's Rick with Chris Mason!  8^)
Me with artist Ben Von Strawn (left).  It was also great to meet Ben, who had a fantastic piece in the show!  8^)

Designer extraordinaire Wes Garlatz (left) with actor Daniel Roebuck enjoying the show!  Wes is one of the BEST designers working today...his design and layout work on the MAD MONSTER PARTY book and on the upcoming ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS 15th Anniversary Edition book is second to none!  Beautiful work, Wes!  Contact Wes at www.miserbros.com!  A big thank you to Wes for allowing me to post a few of his pics here in this posting!  8^)

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