Sunday, January 27, 2013


Love these vintage pics taken on the set of WGN-TV Chicago's BOZO'S CIRCUS!  The bottom pic features two of my Michigan City, IN and Facebook pals, Stephen McDonald and Pat McDonald.  8^)

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Fred Schiller said...

I was lucky enough to attend a taping of the show in the late 1960s. My class from Edgar Allan Poe grade school went. I wish I had a photo. Climbing off the bleachers for the Grand March, Ringmaster Ned patted be on the butt to hurry me along.

My high school choir was invited to perform on the Ray Rayner show during Christmas of 1976. We sat on the Bozo bleachers before singing and were amazed to see that Ray was set up in the center ring. The biggest shocker was that the Clock on the Wall that I lived my childhood mornings by wasn't on a wall at all. It was mounted in the middle of a painted square of plywood that was held up on an easel.

Ray was pretty cool to us. Backstage we could see the old sets for Rocket to Adventure. Thanks for posting the photos, Patrick.