Patrick Owsley Cartoon Art!

Monday, April 29, 2013


I'm offering my art piece that was featured in the recent exhibit,THE HB SHOW, at Van Eaton Galleries in Sherman Oaks, CA.  16x20...brush, pen & ink, Copic marker and colored pencils on Canson Canary Yellow paper.  The art will ship framed (as shown in pic).  I'm asking $300.00 plus $25 UPS Ground shipping.  If interested, please email me at  Thanks!  8^)

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Love this 1966 BATMAN movie poster by Christopher Franchi!  8^)
On the Bat-wall in my office/studio...BATMAN!  A 24x36 poster signed by Adam West and Burt Ward.  8^)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sunday, April 07, 2013


A big THANK YOU to Mike Van Eaton and Phillip Graffham for including me in this terrific group art show tribute to Hanna-Barbera!  Poster art by Mitch O'Connell.  8^)
Hanna-Barbera artist WILLIE ITO signs an HB book for a fan.
Part of the vintage Hanna-Barbera toy collection of DAVE NIMITZ. 8^)
The great ROSE MARIE..."Sally Rogers" from The Dick Van Dyke Show!  8^)
My artists pals, DAVID DERKS (left) and DAVID BIRD.  8^)
My artists pals, DAVE NIMITZ (left) and LANCE SMITH pose with Lance's FRED FLINTSTONE piece. 8^)
It's an honor to have my piece, "The Roman Holidays" hanging next to JERRY EISENBERG's work!  8^)
One of my favorite pieces in the show..."The Hanna-Barbera TV Cartoon Show...In Color!" by my artist pal, MARK CHRISTIANSEN.  8^)
"Flintstones for Dinner" by my artist pal, WILLIAM WRAY.  8^)
"Space Ghost: Galaxy Guardian" by CHRIS MASON!  8^)
My artist pal, BEN VON STRAWN points to his piece, "The Gruesome Twosome and The Creepy Coupe"!  8^)
(All photos above are by David Derks)
My artist pal, DAVID DERKS, and his piece, "Wait Till Your Father Gets Home".  8^)  (photo by Patrick Owsley)
"Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm" by my artist pal, JULIAN CHANEY.  8^)  (photo by Patrick Owsley)
Me and my artist pal, CHRIS MASON (right).  8^)  (photo by Chris Mason's son)
Me and my piece, "The Roman Holidays".  8^)  (photo by Leslie Owsley)
(photo by Leslie Owsley)
My nephew JONAH and his "Elroy Jetson" balloon.  8^)  (photo by Leslie Owsley)
My niece JILLIAN and her "Pebbles" balloon.  8^)  (photo by Leslie Owsley)
"Lippy and Hardy" by my artist pal, RICK GOLDSCHMIDT, hangs on the walls of The HB Show!  Rick is also the historian and author for Rankin/Bass.  8^)  (photo by Patrick Owsley)
Me and my artist pal, NESS HEAD (right)!  8^)  (photo by Leslie Owsley)