Thursday, May 10, 2007


If you're a fan of classic Hanna-Barbera merchandise, then here is a book that is "must-have". It's the recently released CLASSIC HANNA-BARBERA COLLECTIBLES by Funko President, Brian Mariotti. This hardcover book is wonderfully designed with photographs that are colorful and large...filling each page! There are eleven chapters covering plastic premiums, push puppets, vinyl figures, squeakies, plastic figures, cars, windups & ramp walkers, soakies & banks, saw dust dolls and more! The book's foreword is by the late, great Joe Barbera. From the book's introduction, "The focus of this book is cataloging the sweetest toys from the 1960s - 1970s. This book puts the spotlight on the period where Hanna-Barbera cartoons were at their height of popularity." Order your copy today from Cameron Collectibles at


Jeff Pidgeon said...

Hmmm... I wonder what happened to this book? It looks like it was announced over a year ago, and still no sign of it. Did it get canceled?

Patrick Owsley said...

Hi Jeff -- The book was released. I remember seeing it at Big Kid Collectables in Sherman Oaks, CA. Maybe contact Brian Mariotti at Funko to see if you can get a copy...maybe eBay? Thanks, Jeff!