Thursday, August 09, 2007


The other day, I posted presentation art for Hanna-Barbera's FRANKENSTEIN JR.. Here's another great vintage piece from my HANNA-BARBERA reference file. It's 1965 presentation art for SECRET SQUIRREL and MOROCCO MOLE. SECRET and MOROCCO ended up looking quite differently when their cartoons went into production. I'm also posting a 1965 SECRET SQUIRREL & MORROCO MOLE cartoon title card for "Yellow Pinkie" and a piece of SECRET SQUIRREL character art that I did a few years ago. You can really see how the characters evolved. Even the spelling of MORROCO was different from the presentation art to the title card. I've got more classic HANNA-BARBERA presentation art that I'll be posting soon. Keep checking back! Be sure to click on each image for a larger view! You can e-mail me at . Thanks! -- Patrick Owsley


Kelly Gannon said...

Absolutely love these 60's cartoons!! Brought back memories just looking at Secret Squirrel!!

Kitty LeClaw said...

Awww... these are absolutely darling!