Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I was just watching a compilation VHS tape of Hanna-Barbera's PRECIOUS PUPP cartoons. Along with THE HILLBILLY BEARS, PRECIOUS PUPP was one of the segments shown during THE ATOM ANT SHOW in 1965. Hanna-Barbera was still producing great cartoons at this time, such as SECRET SQUIRREL, WINSOME WITCH and SQUIDDLY DIDDLY. I'll do future postings featuring those characters soon. I especially love the character designs seen in these shows. The top image here is a color sketch of PRECIOUS PUPP that I did this morning. The middle image, featuring GRANNY SWEET and PRECIOUS PUPP, is scanned from a book of Hanna-Barbera model sheets. The bottom image is a scan of the first panel from the PRECIOUS PUPP story that appears in the 1965 Gold Key ATOM ANT comic book. Click on each image for a larger view! E-mail me at Thanks! -- Patrick Owsley


G said...

Keep up the great work! can't wait to see the others you mentioned!

Emmett said...

I've been checking out your blog a lot lately. I too am fond of this period of Hanna Barbera. And I am desperate to find more of this period on DVD, or even VHS.

How do you practice drawing these characters?