Sunday, February 01, 2009


There are so many vintage Hanna-Barbera toys and games that Warner Bros. Consumer Products could be re-issuing for the collector's market. This is one of them! It's the 1962 18" LIPPY THE LION doll from Ideal Toys! Very cool!


American Toycoon said...

Is Warner Bros. still planning on issuing Hanna Barbera toys and dolls?

Patrick Owsley said...

Toycoon -- I wish!...especially re-issues of the old 60s toys and dolls. I'd love to see WB re-issue the old 60s Mattel BUGS BUNNY and PORKY PIG dolls.

superflash said...

Lordy, I wish I had one of those (and Wally Gator)! Did they ever make a similar Peter Potamus one? I know I have seen the smaller 'bendy' ones.

They made Ricochet Rabbit and Droop-A-Long larger-size/rubber face ones, too. So why no Peter Potamus?

American Toycoon said...

I just watched an episode of Bewitched in which they showed Peter Potamus, Sneezly Seal, Breezly Bruin and Ricochet Rabbit 18" Ideal dolls on the shelf in Tabitha's bedroom so I know the dolls existed at one time. I've never seen them for sale or in person anywhere, however.

superflash said...

We need a screen-grab...the suspense is killing me! Either they were prototypes or they did at least make SOME. Is that a color episode?

superflash said...

OK, after some Google'ing I found a Halloween episode that shows them. "The Safe and Sane Halloween" Episode 115. I could only find one screen capture and it obscures some of the dolls by by identifying a Tabitha baby bottle.

Jump to 2:37, 9:17, 12:55 & 20:38

Here's the link to that 'grab':

Droo-A-Long is laying down near the top. The other dolls in question are on the right side--out of this shot.

American Toycoon said...

Here you are:

superflash said...

Thanks! I found the Ricochet episode and this was the best quality on YouTube:

And here is a better quality one of the Halloween episode.

On another forum there was a Hulu link (probably would have looked better), but now there are only episodes from the first season remaining on there. Rats! Looks like they showed full epsiodes on the TVLand site till 2012.

Obviously a DVD would look best and I see you can stream episodes on demand and they used to show episodes on TVLand.