Friday, February 13, 2009


In honor of President's Day, I'm offering my original cartoon art at reduced prices. The above 14" x 17" HANNA-BARBERA TV MEN piece is now only $79.99 plus $5 shipping! It's brush, pen & ink with colored pencil on textured yellow paper and features FRED FLINTSTONE, GEORGE JETSON, DICK DASTARDLY, MR. TWIDDLE, MR. SLATE, MR. SPACELY, OFFICER DIBBLE, RANGER SMITH, MR. PEEBLES and BARNEY RUBBLE. E-mail me at for details! Click THE MONKEES image on the right to see my President's Day eBay auctions for my original cartoon art. I also have a link for my eBay auctions in my LINKS section (on the right, as well).

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