Thursday, October 14, 2010


I heard this morning that ARCHIE COMICS is reviving KATY KEENE. One thing's for sure...when ARCHIE COMICS brings back KATY KEENE, they've got to bring back my pal, JOHN LUCAS, to do the art! JOHN breathes life into the characters and his true admiration for KATY KEENE really shines through in his art! Above is one of JOHN's covers from his run as artist on the KATY KEENE comic book series from 1983-1991. JOHN LUCAS also created art for the KATY KEENE FAN MAGAZINE (1979-1984), and for KATY KEENE PAPER DOLL BOOKS from Hobby House Press (1995-2005). You can read more about ARCHIE's revival plans right HERE! Not only is JOHN LUCAS a terrific artist, he's also from my hometown of Michigan City, IN! Look for JOHN LUCAS on Facebook (under JOHN STERLING LUCAS)!


RANJIT said...

I do hope they bring back John Lucas as well. I wasn't too happy with the gaphic novel by Andrew Pepoy.

Pokey said...

I used to have THAT specific issue in its day..Steve PS I love Katy keene and love drawing her and Melissa/Sis!