Saturday, January 22, 2011

After 32 years, artist and writer DICK LOCHER is retiring from the DICK TRACY newspaper strip. The strip is being taken over by artist JOE STATON and writer MIKE CURTIS. Their first strip will appear on March 14th. I've been a fan of DICK LOCHER's work for years! I have enjoyed his editorial cartoons that appeared in the Chicago Tribune and, of course, his work on DICK TRACY! I attended a terrific lecture that LOCHER gave at Columbia College Chicago when I was going to school there back in 1988. Congratulations to JOE STATON and MIKE CURTIS! I've always enjoyed STATON's work. I will miss the work of DICK LOCHER, though! DICK TRACY was created by CHESTER GOULD. You can read more HERE!


Tim Tipton said...

The Chicago Tribune needs make one
or two decisions: Reprint classic
Chester Gould Dick Tracy strips or
discontinue it indefinately. Lochner has not done Dick justice.

Patrick Owsley said...

I have to disagree, Tim. I've enjoyed Dick Locher's work for years!