Thursday, January 06, 2011

Love all three of these Marvel Comics ORIGINS paperback books! I remember getting SONS OF ORIGINS of Marvel Comics for Christmas in 1975. I still have that book in my collection, as I do all of these.

Cover artist JOHN ROMITA Sr. once told me that he originally did this cover for BRING ON THE BAD GUYS Origins of Marvel Comics Villains, as a black and white line what he would have created for a SPIDER-MAN comic book cover. It was then decided that they wanted the cover to be a painted cover as the first two ORIGINS books had. ROMITA then proceeded to paint directly over a black and white photostat of the original art that he had created as the cover art. He told me that it was very difficult to paint on stat paper. That became the cover for BRING ON THE BAD GUYS! Looks all JOHN ROMITA art does!

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