Thursday, April 04, 2013


Sorry to hear that one of my all-time favorite BATMAN artists has passed away.  CARMINE INFANTINO was 87.


mitchcarley said...

Wow - inspiration for all of us who (tried to) :) learn from is 'how to's' back in the day...I'm sure he was as responsible for those as the Editor / Publishers were...or more. Thanks Patrick for always being current on these Legends. Mitch

Brendan Taylor said...

Batman was just so Classic and broke so many barriers in the development of cartoons. Love the Blog btw I'm following it, check my blog out Join the site if you like what you see.

Daddykin said...

RIP Carmine. He is the man who gave us the Silver Age. His "new look" Batman was my childhood Batman and will always be my favorite. Thanks for sharing this wonderful tribute in imagery, Patrick.