Wednesday, April 10, 2013


...are back at Target!  I picked up the LUCKY CHARMS, CHEERIOS and COCOA PUFFS the other day.  8^)


mitchcarley said...

Patrick, great memories...there is a regional-grocery chain here in 'Ohio' that has a run of Quisp - about every 3 months. You used to be able to request it in your area at site is down now. However, visit -
...and you can buy it online. Just wanted to share with your latest posting. Thanks. :) M

Chris Sobieniak said...

The Andersons in Toledo, OH offers Quisp on it's shelf daily (at least the last time I was there). They even have Maypo!

I went to the nearest Target for these boxes, but they either didn't get in or have ran out of Lucky Charms so I had to get those other two boxes instead.