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Friday, November 16, 2007


Legendary voice artist DAWS BUTLER would have been 91 years old today! DAWS is best known for his brilliant work voicing the HANNA-BARBERA characters YOGI BEAR, HUCKLEBERRY HOUND, QUICK DRAW McGRAW and many more! Take a look at the above image to see many of the characters voiced by DAWS BUTLER. Click on the image for a larger view! Happy Birthday, Daws!

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rodineisilveira said...

Patrick Owsley,

And talking about Daws Butler, enjoy to watch this pearl which I found on YouTube ( it's a video from The Quick Draw McGraw Show (Hanna-Barbera/Columbia Pictures, 1959-62), that brings Quick Draw and Baba Looey interacting with Snooper & Blabber and Augie Doggie & Doggie Daddy, which comes before the closing of the show. You can listen the legendary Daws Butler giving a characterization show, voicing Quick Draw, Baba Looey, Snooper, Blabber and Augie Doggie; while Doug Young lends his voice to Doggie Daddy.
And this skit brings a very familiar animation for me: it was made by the legendary animator Kenneth Muse.
These skits - which appeared between the episodes of Quick Draw, Snooper & Blabber and the Doggies - are very rare, and they aren't seen there are many years ago (here in Brazil, these skits aren't seen since the early 70s).
This video which I've quoted, is on the the following address:
I wish you a good luck, when you being to access this link, OK?
Well, that's it!

Rodinei Campos da Silveira (from São Paulo, Brazil)