Tuesday, June 04, 2013


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David Witherington said...

Great memories of buying Batman cards at age 5 in 1966! The anticipation of opening each pack and seeing new pictures was powerful! The painted sets by Norm Saunders are so classic. It is one of my favorite Bat-styles of the wonderfully diverse Batmania merchandise blitz. Other faves are the Batman lunchbox art by Aladdin, the Whitman coloring books and card games, and the Milton-Bradley board game. So many brilliant renderings in 1966...the 70's stuff going forward is too slick and generic in its packing, imo. Thanks for the Bat-memories, Patrick. The Batman retro TV-postcard that I bought from you is top-notch. It looks straight from 1966, devoid of the modern giveaways that betray so many retro products. Your blog is one of my faves, and I think that your DVD box art is amazingly faithful to the original designs that defined each character. No small feat! I just bought The Jackson 5ive set, and your art captures the image and spirit of the series perfectly. Thanks for all that you do, and keep up the great work! :)