Sunday, November 12, 2006


I just received my copy of the new HARVEYTOONS DVD set! This nice collection of Harvey cartoons includes CASPER, BABY HUEY, LITTLE AUDREY, HERMAN & KATNIP and the MODERN MADCAP cartoons! HARVEYTOONS was just released by Classic Media. The cartoons look great and Classic Media did a terrific job on the set's packaging! HARVEYTOONS is great TV cartoon fun! If you haven't already, pick up this DVD set today! Along with an image of Classic Media's HARVEYTOONS DVD set, I'm posting a few of my HARVEY cartoon art pieces. Here's the cover art for a DVD set of BABY HUEY public domain cartoons and CASPER being friendly with a Preston Blair-ish looking bird. All done for East West DVD of Brooklyn, NY and North Hollywood, CA. The CASPER art was done for a DVD cover of CASPER cartoons in public domain. The character art was done separately from the background.

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Nameless said...

OMG!!!!!! Real cartoons. I can't believe that there is someone out there that still thinks of reall drawn cartoons. I miss those guys. Thank you!!

From someone that hates 3-D unfunny crap that is currently being played for today's children.