Thursday, November 09, 2006


I recently received a nice e-mail from blog reader Dan Brady of Sheffield Lake, Ohio. Dan wrote, "I think that you do an amazing job of recreating the illustrative technique that corresponds with these cartoon classics -- you can tell that you have an affection for the look and feel that is important to give these characters the proper treatment they deserve." Thanks, Dan! It's nice to know that my affection for classic cartoons shows through in my work! On that's a QUICK DRAW McGRAW and WILMA FLINTSTONE! I did this QUICK DRAW piece based on a color scheme of a 1960s QUICK DRAW McGRAW Soaky. I always loved the blue, orange and white combination used on that Soaky! The old off-model Hanna-Barbera dolls and toys with wrong colors were great! This WILMA FLINTSTONE piece is a combination of WILMA from the 1960s Little Golden Books and the Dell/Gold Key comic books. I thought the black lips looked great in the comic books!

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Pat Pakula said...

great stuff!! love your blog