Thursday, November 16, 2006


I just picked up the new LOONEY TUNES GOLDEN COLLECTION Vol. 4 DVD set. The set was released this past Tuesday, November 14 and it is sensational! As with all of the other previous sets released by Warner Bros., Volume 4 features a terrific collection of classic LOONEY TUNES cartoons and special features! Go out and pick it up today! Here's a few pieces of LOONEY TUNES character art that I worked on while I was working on-staff at Warner Bros. Consumer Products as a Character Artist/Inker. I inked all of the art that you see here. I used (and still do use) Winsor & Newton Series 7 #2 and #3 sable brushes with Ultradraw Black India ink. I'm not sure who pencilled the YOSEMITE SAM and SPEEDY GONZALEZ, but I do know that the talented Mike Fontanelli (REN & STIMPY and SPUMCO Big-Shot Hollywood Cartoonist!) pencilled the BUGS BUNNY & GOSSAMER and the DAFFY DUCK & PORKY PIG art. I had the great pleasure of working with a VERY talented group of artists at Warner Bros.!...Frank Espinosa, Jerome Moore, Chika Mori, Miran Kim, David Williams, San Wei Chan, Mike Fontanelli, Mark Christiansen, David Byrd and others! I hope you enjoy seeing these as much as I enjoyed inking this wonderful cartoon art! Just click on each image for a larger view. I have tons of character art (Hanna-Barbera, Looney Tunes, etc.) that I inked for Warner Bros. Consumer Products. I will be posting much of that art in the near future. Keep checking back often!

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