Friday, December 22, 2006


If you haven't already, you should pick up the DVD, UNCLE SAM MAGOO. It's a nicely written and animated MAGOO special from 1970. JIM BACKUS voices UNCLE SAM MAGOO as he meets America's real and folk heroes from the founding of the new world to the landing on the moon! Classic Media produced this DVD with Sony Wonder. Incidentally, Classic Media was recently purchased by Entertainment Rights of the UK. Perhaps ER will release THE MR. MAGOO SHOW, the complete DVD collection of the 1960s TV show. The set was produced by Classic Media but has yet to be released.

I created the above art of UNCLE SAM MAGOO for the DVD cover. I'm also posting a very cool 1960s advertisement for MR. MAGOO on WGN-TV Chicago. It's from a Chicago regional TV guide.

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Leslie Owsley said...

That looks great. I have such a talented husband!