Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Here's a few of my recent cartoon illustrations of THE THREE STOOGES. It's MOE HOWARD, LARRY FINE and CURLY JOE DeRITA...the 1960s TV and MOVIE trio. Most people say that their favorite "third Stooge" is CURLY HOWARD. I love the comedy of CURLY HOWARD and he is certainly the definitive "third Stooge", but I also have an admiration for the other "third Stooges"...SHEMP HOWARD, JOE BESSER and JOE DeRITA. I've always enjoyed the TV cartoon THREE STOOGES and have illustrated them for DVD covers. The illustration of the STOOGES flying away with a balloon, is the front cover of a recent East West DVD release...THE NEW THREE STOOGES is also an East West release. THE THREE STOOGES heads with the gold stars and colorful logo is a piece that I did for fun.

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