Saturday, December 30, 2006

LOONEY TUNES licensing art - BUGS, ELMER, SYLVESTER inking samples

Here are a couple of LOONEY TUNES licensing character art pieces that I inked for Warner Bros. Consumer Products. The pencil art for both pieces was done by the very talented Mike Fontanelli. I used a Winsor & Newton Series 7 #3 brush with Ultradraw black india ink. I did the inkings on duralene that was placed over photocopies of Mike's drawings. These pieces were done for the Looney Tunes style guide, THE JOKE'S ON YOU! I wanted to show you the pencil art next to the finished inked art so you can see the "before and after" process. Remember to click on each image for a larger view. I've got a lot of licensing character art inkings that I am going to be posting on my blog in the near future. You're going to see HANNA-BARBERA, RANKIN/BASS and more LOONEY TUNES licensing character art inkings. I enjoy hearing your thoughts and comments about my blog! You can e-mail me at . Thanks!

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