Monday, January 08, 2007

IWAO TAKAMOTO - 1925-2007

Legendary HANNA-BARBERA Production Designer IWAO TAKAMOTO passed away today at the age of 81. Iwao was best known for designing SCOOBY-DOO, SHAGGY and the rest of the gang. He was also very instrumental with designing many of the classic HANNA-BARBERA characters of the mid-1960s. I had the great privilege to work with Iwao on the current JETSONS style guide. Iwao pencilled all of the JETSONS character art and I had the wonderful task of inking his pencil art. I also had the great pleasure of visiting Iwao in his HANNA-BARBERA office. He graciously showed me many of his sensational HANNA-BARBERA production drawings. It was also interesting to listen to his thoughts about SCOOBY-DOO licensing. Iwao was an incredible talent.

The above blue pencil drawing of SCOOBY holding SHAGGY was drawn by Iwao. I inked the drawing, which is also shown above, for SCOOBY-DOO licensing at Warner Bros. Consumer Products. I'm also posting a photocopy of a TOP CAT "cast" drawing that Iwao did. I asked Iwao to sign the photocopy for me that day I visited him. Thanks, Iwao!

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