Sunday, January 07, 2007


Back in October, I posted many portrait-style illustrations of various classic HANNA-BARBERA characters. The illustrations were to be included in a book on classic HANNA-BARBERA merchandise by Brian Mariotti, the President of FUNKO. Brian informs me that my illustrations are not going to be included in the book. Warner Bros., who approved the book's content, didn't want the illustrations included due to the fact that the illustrations were not licensed by Warner Bros. It's too bad...the illustrations only promote their characters, plus I'm sure the fans of classic HANNA-BARBERA would have had fun seeing the art in the book. On a good note, Brian told me that he was able to have Joe Barbera write the book's foreword earlier this year. Mr. Barbera passed away last month. Despite WB's omissions, I'm sure we all are looking forward to seeing this book on classic HANNA-BARBERA merchandise!

Here's the illustrations of MR. SLATE (from THE FLINTSTONES) and MR. SPACELY (from THE JETSONS) that I did for Brian's book. As you know, MR. SLATE was FRED FLINTSTONE's boss and MR. SPACELY was GEORGE JETSON's employer. I've got a couple of WACKY RACES character illustrations that I did for the book. I'll post those soon. Hope you enjoy seeing these! Click on each image to enlarge. Keep your comments about my blog coming...e-mail me at . Thanks! - Patrick Owsley

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