Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I heard TIM BURTON is directing a new DARK SHADOWS movie. I haven't really cared for his last couple of movies, but love the old DARK SHADOWS TV series...especially during the years 1966-1968. Here's FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND #52 from 1968...featuring JONATHAN FRID as BARNABAS COLLINS.


Susan said...

I loved "Dark Shadows" In many ways it was one of the best Soaps on TV and had introduced us to Kate Jackson who later went on to Charlie's Angels.

Admin. said...


Tim Burton appreciates so much all the Bela Lugosi filmography, who played many times Dracula. So I am quite sure he would have hired him for this new movie if he was alive!


Mr. Karswell said...

Dark Shadows is one of the best TV shows ever, it'll be interesting to see what Burton does with it, and hopefully he takes it serious.

Also interesting is the news that he's developing a stop-motion animated Addams Family feature... I've been enjoying his animated projects more than his live action films and this might not be bad (hopefully.)