Sunday, August 01, 2010


I still have my SUPERMAN vs. THE FLASH Limited Collector's Edition comic book from 1976...always enjoyed it! Especially the HOW TO DRAW THE FLASH feature by Silver Age FLASH artist, CARMINE INFANTINO.
I also had this issue of SUPERMAN #199 (1967) when I was little. It originally featured the comic story reprinted in the Limited Collector's Edition. This cover was drawn by the great CARMINE INFANTINO.

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Josh said...

Was the comic from 1976 a larger than normal size? My brother had that. As a kid, I thought it was incredible! He also got a large sized one that had the Legion of Super Heroes fighting Morduru (Mordru?). THAT WAS INCREDIBLE! I had never known about the Legion area of the DC super hero world. In the back cover of that one, I think Cosmic Boy married Saturn Girl - every Legion member was shown at the reception, with a key to identify who was who.