Friday, August 20, 2010


1968's DC SPECIAL: An All-Infantino Issue! I've had this since I was small and have always enjoyed it. The book features many stories illustrated by one of my favorite BATMAN and FLASH artists, CARMINE INFANTINO!

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larrydigital said...

I'm a big Carmine fan myself. A few years back I read that he was appearing at a local show so I drove down there so I can get my leather-bound Flash Archives signed. Sadly, there were only 2 people there to see him, myself and one other person. I simply wanted a signature so when it was my turn, that's all I asked for. He signed it, looked around and asked if that was all I wanted, he could do something else for me, no problem, he had time, he said.

So I said "Sure, how about a Barry Allen head?" Remember, there were zero people behind me.

He said "No problem, that'll be $75."

I said "Well thanks but the signature is just fine."

While my book is still in his hands, he turns to the retailer behind him and says, "That's how you thin the herd."

Then he hands me back my book. Also, what herd? There was no one behind me!