Tuesday, October 10, 2006

HANNA-BARBERA art for upcoming H-B classic merchandise book!

My pal BRIAN MARIOTTI, who is President of Funko (home of the Wacky Wobbler), asked me to do a series of portrait-style illustrations of various HANNA-BARBERA characters. Brian is going to include the illustrations in his upcoming book on classic Hanna-Barbera merchandise. I'm posting five of the twelve illustrations here...FRED FLINTSTONE, GEORGE JETSON, MR. TWIDDLE (from WALLY GATOR), PETER PERFECT (from WACKY RACES) and OFFICER DIBBLE (from TOP CAT). Along with these five, the other seven illustrations that will appear in the book are of MR. SPACELY (from THE JETSONS), RANGER SMITH (from YOGI BEAR), MR. SLATE and BARNEY RUBBLE (from THE FLINTSTONES), RUFUS RUFFCUT, DICK DASTARDLY and PROFESSOR PAT PENDING (from WACKY RACES). Brian and I decided to call the series, HANNA-BARBERA TV MEN. I'm in the middle of creating the HB TV MEN logo now. Brian says he's hoping to have the book available by the holidays this December. He also tells me that cartoon genius, JOE BARBERA, has written the foreword for the book! My fiance, Leslie, and I visited Brian at Funko earlier this year. He showed us a few of the page layouts and they looked great!


James E. Daniels said...

Those designs look great! I'll be looking for that book when it's available!
Keep up the great work!

Gary Fields said...

Great to see your stuff! Really like your take on the H-B characters. When is this book coming out and do they need more art?

Patrick Owsley said...

THANKS j.e. daniels and garyfields! Glad you like the HB art! Brian Mariotti at Funko told me that he hopes to have the book out in time for the holidays.