Monday, October 23, 2006


Here's an image of PETER POTAMUS & SO-SO drawn by legendary Hanna-Barbera Character Designer, Iwao Takamoto. I took his pencil art and inked it in with my brush, pen and ink. It's great fun to give such a nice cartoon drawing the lush, thick-to-thin lines with a brush! Here's a nice example of the "before and after" process from pencilling to inking. I thought I'd give the black and white inked art some color. The contrast of the solid black areas to the colors is always very visually appealing to me.


Charles said...

Wow, i can't tell you how much i admire your work!!! i have a great love for the old cartoons especially the Hanna Barbara characters and you capture them nicely!!! i definitely look forward to seeing more!!

Patrick Owsley said...

Thanks, charles! Keep checking back!

Gary Fields said...

Extremely great job with the inks, as usual. Peter and So-So are tied with Atom Ant for my favorite H-B characters.