Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Here's a couple of pieces of Hanna-Barbera's, MAGILLA GORILLA and TOP CAT. I really enjoy looking at the old "painted-style" cartoon art that appeared in 1960s Little Golden Books, on Whitman coloring book covers, etc. Especially the Hanna-Barbera characters! I did this MAGILLA and TOP CAT art as an homage to the "painted-style" cartoon art. Little Golden Books Illustrator Mel Crawford was the best at painting the H-B characters!


dave said...

Wow, those are great! What did you use for them?

I pretty much love all those old Little Golden Books... "Saggy Baggy Elephant," "Tootles"... all great art!

Patrick Owsley said...

Hi dave -- The TOP CAT and MAGILLA are markers, colored pencil, brush & ink on coquille board. Glad you like them...thanks!

Gary Fields said...

Pat, Have you ever tried using gouache or acrylics on your character art, like Mel or the other Golden Book guys? The best Crawford book is the Magilla one when he goes off with the Professor to the jungle.