Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Here's part of a new project that I've been working on. Classic Media is putting together new volumes of THE UNDERDOG SHOW on DVD. I believe the first volume is due out sometime this Summer. Tony Knight, Classic Media's Creative Director, asked me to do art of the "segment" characters that were part of THE UNDERDOG SHOW. The art will be used on DVD packaging. These characters were created and produced by Total Television Productions. I'm posting the pencil roughs for COMMANDER McBRAGG, KLONDIKE KAT and TOOTER TURTLE. I also did roughs for SAVOIR FARE, KING LEONARDO & ODIE, THE HUNTER and the UNDERDOG villain, OVERCAT. I'll post the finished inked art of all of these characters when I'm done later this week. E-mail me at powsley@flash.net .


L* said...

compliment Patrick, your art is great.

Patrick Owsley said...

Thank you, Luca!